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I am a 13 year old girl and I went into the doctor for a normal check up or so I thought . First I was told to step on the weigh thing i had my temp taken I was weighed, e..t.c. But then the male doc said I will now ask you to take of all of your clothes. I did but this was embarassing. Then the man said okay now follow me while we wait for a gyno room. I didnt move. so he dragged me down the long hallway completely nude and into the waiting room where there were many boys and men along with a few girls. I was standing naked and they were there taking pics with there phones. Then the doc said wait here. I did sadly while trying to cover up my privates. Finally after 27 minutes i counted i was take by the same male into a room with gyno equipment. Then he hooked me up onthe stirrups and pulled me down. He began and opened my vagina cheecks. With this I tryed to look away but then I saw the door was wide open and at the other end of the hall the people in the waiting room could see my fully exposed vagina. I asked the doc to close it and he did. He then did more pushing and lots of other stuff. then he said oh dear i only have a 11 incher oh well. Then he said this will hurt a bit. and he pushed something into my vagina and pushed it more i screamed he kept pushing until i stopped screaming because of the pain. He just kept it there and then said i will now began the vaginal rejuvination surgery. I freaked. I yelled no. but he ignored and said its your stepmoms orders nothing you say wil change it. Then he took a scalpel and directly cut at my vagina. I screamed and yelled can you at least num my butt. and he said if you want but itll hurt more .Then he took a shot and stuck it into the stick thing and into the inside of it . I yelled then he did one more in each of my cheecks and then up my anus and into the center of my pubic hair and into my anus. Then a second time but a little bit away from the origional spots. I was yelling my head off. then he did the surgery with me still yelling and then put these metal sticks in holding my vagina open farther and my sex hole with the stick in it wider open and then he bandaged other sections until there was no more blood. Then he gave me a pill and told me to stand up. Then he finished my breast exam and hooked me up to a machine witch swollened my breasts and then he led me outside and hooked me up in a wheel chair which held my legs open and my vagina exposed and my breasts up. Then he led me outside like really outside and rolled me into my evil stepmoms truck. What she did after that to me well lets just say she didnt give me any clothes back.
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THis story is BS.

This is a bad work of fiction.

I have no doubt a lot of what I've read on EP is fictional. But much if it is written well enough that I often find myself wondering, "Is this real or not?" Regardless, I do appreciate good writing.

This was not one of those times.

Being your age, doctor don't take your feelings into account, I know I went through the same thing, my doctor was a woman, and you know what happens if boys get excited, something get's hard,I could have died with embaressment..

brigtechnl is not the brightest channel derrrr

what a pile of imaginary bull **** iv ever heared in my life,im 50 plus and let me tell you iv heared a lot in my time but this realy beats all
pls stay with tom and jerry its safer and more full filling 13 - 15 coming on 45

Seems legit.

WOW such wonderful imagination !

is this real story ??

is this real story ??

Like he'll this is true someone would have stopped him he can't have been a doctor

were do u liv number 1 bull street