2 Seperate Situations.

In December I had to go to a dermatologist for a skin infection I had in my private area. With the problem being my private area I was of course only wearing a gown. It ended up that I was examined by a medical student and 2 doctors all ladies while I was nude with the gown pulled up. I am not used to having 3 ladies examine my private parts and thankfully did not get an erection. I go back to the dermatologist next week for a followup so will probably have to have the same thing again.

2 weeks ago I was in the hospital very sick and they wanted to do a catheter. I had never had 1 before. It ended up that 2 lady nurses had to spend a while attemting to put a catheter in. There was a problem so they ended up trying 3 different catheters before getting 1 to work. I am not used to having ladies handling my penis like they were but the pain from them attempting to put the catheter in eliminated any worry about an erection. The catheter was only needed to be in a very short time but they took a long time getting it in. It ended up taking a lot longer to put the catheter in then the amount of time it was actualy in. It was supposed to just be in and out but ended up being a real problem before they finally giot it. I hope i never need a catheter again. i go to a urologist day after tomorrow. I hope he doesn't need to do anything like that.
charliew charliew
41-45, M
Jan 23, 2013