Another Hospital Story.

Recently when I was in the hospital they wanted to send me for a CT scan. I was told they wanted me to totally ***** and be wearing only a gown. That was fine but what I didn't expect was that when it was time to go down they didn't bring the stretcherr into my room for me to get on to go downstairs. They had me walk out into the hallway wearing only the gown and lay down on the stretcher. Previously when I have been nude in a ghospital or doctors office it had been in a room or at least lying down onm a stretcher covered uop if I was going to be in a hallway. this time I had to walk out into the hallway to get onto the stretcher. I went down and had the CT scan and came back and again they had me get off the stretcher in the hallway nude in just a backless gown and go in the room
charliew charliew
41-45, M
Jan 23, 2013