Naked For A German Doctor And Her Entire Office....

When I was in Germany my senior year in college, I had to make one trip to the doctor for the treatment I was under for my immune system.
When I got to the doctors office I managed to make my way through telling the person at the front desk, in German, that I was here for my appointment, and sat down in the waiting room, which was empty when I got there.  After about 5 minutes the doctor called me in.  When I got into the doctor's office, she closed the door behind me and we sat down and she asked me how i was feeling, anything out of the ordinary etc.  She was a beautiful woman, couldnt be more than 30 years old, about my height, 5'-10" with blond hair just below her shoulders and these nice large breasts.  After talking to her a while she said she had to examine me and then run a few tests and asked me to ***** naked.  At first I thought she meant just take my shirt off so I did and placed it in one of the empty cubby slots she pointed at.  I turned around and pointed at my pants and said "everything"
Once I was completely naked I sat on the examination bed, and as she felt my stomach and chest I could feel that I was starting to get a slight erection. Then she told me to stand up and she knelt down and felt my balls for a good minute, after about 20 seconds I had a good hard-on and she actually took one hand and pull my **** up slightly to see my balls a little easier.  
Embarrassed, I told her I was sorry about the erection, and still kneeling down she looked up at me and said it was ok  and I had both a healthy penis and testicals.
She then went to her desk and wrote some things down and went to door and said she was going to check to see if the lab was free to do some more tests.
She never said to put my clothes on so I sat back down on the exam bed and let my erection go away.  After what seemed like a couple minutes, another woman walked in, I tried to quickly cover up but was too late as her eyes immediately locked on my ****.  The woman quickly collected herself and told me to wait in the waiting room until the lab was free.  I said ok and went over to grab my clothes but she said something that sounded like "leave them" so I instead turned and walked towards the door, butt naked.  The woman giggled a little bit and it felt awkward as I walked down the corridor naked, the cold floor and my bare feet on the floor.  When we got to the door to the waiting room, she opened it and patted me on the shoulder as I walked in.
As soon as I entered the waiting room, I knew immediately I definitely was not supposed to be naked.  The room was nearly full and everyone glared right at me and my naked body as I walked across the room and tried to find a seat. There was a bunch of laughs and a couple disgruntled people looking at me. For the next 10 minutes I sat in the waiting room naked and when the doctor came into the waiting room to grab me I was soo relieved. She laughed as we walked down a different corridor and asked me "why didnt you put your clothes back on?"  I explained to her that I thought since you didnt tell me to that I wasnt supposed to. She laughed more and brought me into the lab and everyone else in their got a good view of me as well as I got my blood drawn etc. After that she brought me back to her office. Once she closed the door again she looked at me up and down and told me she was extremely sorry that I had to go through that and gave me a hug.  I left the office, clothed, as the girls at the front desk waved and said something in german at me I didnt understand, probably referring to my naked troll through the office. 
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