Full Body Skin Exam

My wife and I were at a party with friends when the subject of skin cancer came up. Two of my wife's friends had gone to a dermatologist nearby and suggested that I might make an appointment.  the appointment was made and I worried for about two weeks not knowing what was going to happen.

The appointment was the last one of the day and I arrived about 15 minutes early to fill out the paperwork.  Eventually an attractive nurse called my name and escorted me to the exam room.  When I entered i realized there were 4 other women in the room besides the nurse.  She explained that they were nursing students doing a rotation from the local community college.  The doctor walked into the room next followed by another female in a lab coat.  The female dermatologist explained that the other woman was a medical student and asked if I minded if the medical student and the nursing students watched and assisted in the exam.  I didnt know what to think, but what the hell, they were all students and have to learn sometime.

The actual dermatologist left the room and the nurse explained what the exam would entail.  She then told me to remove everything including my socks and underwear.  I stood there waiting for the others to leave while I got undressed.  The nurse explained that the students wanted to watch me ***** so they could observe my stance and balance.  It seemed rather odd at first but it also seemed legitimate.  Before I removed my watch I checked the time and realized I had been waiting so long, the clinic was actually closed and there were no other patients left.  I took off my watch and jewelry and toed off my shoes.  The women just stood there and stared.  I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled the tails from my jeans.  i walked past the girls to the door and was going to hang up my shirt when one of the students said give them to me and I'll hang them up.  I gave her my shirt and she just draped it over her arm.  One of the other nursing students told me to sit on the exam table and she would help me since i looked embarassed.  When I sat down, she pulled off one sock then the other. she told me to lie back on the table so she could unbutton and unzip my jeans.  I did as i was told and she undid my jeans and pulled them off.  I was then told to stand up and remove my jockies.  i asked if i was going to get a gown and the medical student said that I was going to be nude for the exam anyway.  I ******** off and stood there naked in front of these women.  They told me to  sit back down on the exam table and wait for the doctor.  We were all talking about current events and I felt complety natural and not nervous at all.  For some reason it didn't feel awkward to be nude in a room full of dressed women.

When the Doctor came back she told me to stay seated while she examined my head with the others looking on and running their handsthrough my hair.  She then told me to lie on my back.  There were hands gently prodding and running their fingers all over my skin.  It was extremely arousing.  The Dr stopped and asked If I was uncomfortable becauseI wasgetting an erection.  I told her no and she said good because this was a full skin exam as she had each student check my penis and testicles for abnormalities.  I was lying there with a raging hardon, which everyone seemed to ignore.

When I was told to flip over, they all took turns examining my *** and legs down to my feet.  The Dr told me I could sit up and explained that everything looked and worked normally.  She broke out into a big grin and some of the students laughed. I thought it was pretty funny too.  The Dr's left and the nurse said I could get dressed.  All but one of the nursing students left the room.  She was the one who had removed my socks and jeans.  As I was getting dressed she told me she was only learnin how to be an assistant and had never seen a nude man before.  She said that since the clinic was closed, she had missed her ride and could I take her home.  A continuation...
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Wow - sounds like a dream *** true!

That was unusual. I opt for full exam, no gown, no drape, as I like to lie naked in the sun. My dermatologist is a man but there is always a woman in the room. I guess she's supposed to be a chaperone! After the doctor has finished the exam, she stands blocking the view from the doorway as he leaves, and won't open the door to leave until I at least have boxers on. Meanwhile of course she is watching me.

Years ago I wasn't so comfortable being naked. I had a different male dermatologist. The nurse asked if it was OK for Dr. X to be present also, I said yes, and she told me to undress. I wasn't sure how far to undress so I left my boxers on. Dr. X turned out to be a woman, so at first I thought leaving my boxers on was the right thing to do. But it was a mistake, because the dermatologist never pulled them down, just pulled away the waistband and peeked in, so I didn't get a thorough exam. After that I always ******** completely.

Maybe I should find a different skin Dr. I go twice a year but my Dr. Is male and the pretty young assistants aren't around when I'm naked.

I've had two hernia operations and had my pubic area shaved both times. Once by a nervous candy striper and once by Olga the bone crusher, who did the best job.

I go to a female nurse practitioner at a large dermatologist's office. There are usually 2 people, both female, the NP and an aid/assistant. The NP does the exam and the other makes the notes and assists with any biopsies, etc. As I have a history of melanoma, I get naked and insist on a very complete exam.
It's not erotic, just complete.

My skin doctor is also a women. Since I am in the sun alot I get fully body exams every year. I think it is policy that there has to be two people in while the exam is happening. Anyway I have to ***** down and stand there naked while they go over me. It is all pretty professional.

Being naked in front of two medical professionals for a few minutes is better than dying of skin cancer. My dermatologist used liquid nitrogen like WD40. She is always blasting me