I loved this group title so I had to join.  I have no problem getting it when I want it but I do have my issues.  This is a perfect group for me.

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Or maybe hitting it too hard before I fell asleep lol. Actually I know where the lighthouse his and it is so awesome. I have been inside a lot of lighthouses and this has to be one of the most interesting ones. If I ever get married again I want to do it in a plantation home or one of the forts. I would love to get married at Fort Pulaski. That is one of my favorite places in the world.

Wow! How flattered am I, mmm!!! I will talk it over with Polly and maybe we will have our EP-wedding in a lighthouse! I was hoping we could find a Ship's Captain to officiate, but maybe a lighthouse keeper would work just as well?<br />
<br />
You know what a lighthouse symbolises, of course? It is a huge penis, which periodically flashes. You have been writing too much erotica, Hon!

LMAO!!!!!! You are too funny Dex. BTW you were in my dream with my boyfriend.You and another person were getting married at this famous lighthouse and for some reason we were at your wedding... We snuck up into the lighthouse for some fun and I was watching you get married at the same time. LOL It was a wild dream.

In that case, I have a hundred problems... I cannot, in all honesty, join this group.

LOL well I have one but it is not attached and I can put it in the toy box when I am done with it and it has been cleaned lol.

I joined too.


Funny title.