Well, you know how some of them are useless and just seem to plummet from the sky, only to sit there squwaking with their mum's feeding them in the hope that they'll suddenly grow wings and fly away...

I had step ladders, soaked bread and a healthy fear of (a) getting too stressed (b) causing the thing to die of shock or (c) it get rejected by the parents because of the 'smell of human'. But none of it worked. I did most of the hard work yesterday but by 7pm when I finished at the office I hadn't managed a decent rescue, so today when I got to work I was fretting. Would I find a selection of cat mauled feathers? Would it have flown? but not before leaving me a note to let me know that my assistance was thoughtful and, indeed, broke down the barriers between the critters and us?

Nothing. Perhaps it's in the post.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
Jul 16, 2010