No Zoloft For Me!

I was treated for major depression almost 10 years ago.  I had the whole deal: hospitalization, heavy meds, aftercare, therapy, etc.  I was on: wellbutrin, doxepin, xanax, and a couple of others.  I took the wellbutrin and doxepin for a year and a half, and went to psychotherapy for that entire time and after that as well.  The doctors took me off gradually, and once I was off, I never went through depression again.  I was a person who had been depressed since childhood, and now I'm well.  I've had blue times, or what they call situational depression, but nothing chemical, and I'm so happy.  I have had no medication for, like 8 years, and I'm doing great. 
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2007

Great story and I'm happy for you.

Congats. It's rare to her of someone cured of depression. You are lucky. Maybe that will happen to me! I feel well now, but I bet it will all fall apart if I get of my meds.

Well done!! That's a wonderful story to be able to share :)