He's The Father Of My Children

I thought I got out............................HELLS NO!

He's still lurking in the shadows.  Hurting....pushing buttons......causing pain.

So this is the last thing he's done to his 11 yr old son. 

Lets say no support in forms of money for almost a yr now.   3 visits in the past year totaling a  whopping 5 days with him. 

So my son is mad......wants to see his dad more.....tells his dad.  I don't have money is the answer.  When I get money I will come see you.(he lives a 4 hr drive away) 

Last night he talks to him after not speaking to him for the past few times he called. 

This is how his father deals with his son.

So why do you not want to talk?

You should know why

Why I don't know why I didn't do anything to you.  What I did was to your mom ...Not to you.

That's not it you should know why!

I don't know why a son would be mad at his own father.

That I don't understand...I am your father.  I haven't done anything to you.

My son hung up....

*****.......about all I can say.......lingers in my life......just go away !
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1 Response Apr 6, 2012

thank you so much. Any advice is well taken. I will look into the book having the knowledge to deal with his actions will help I am sure. I am still going through the process myself so having to do this slowly.