Was I Dating A Narcissist?

ok i have been dating a guy for almost 5 years,we not 2gether nemre nw tho.in the beginning it was all beautiful n rosey n i fel so in love with him,bt then as timme went pass i started realising that he was changing n becumin really mean.he started dominating n controlling me really bad.i was not allowed to have a life,i couldnt go out with my parents or my sister newer,he didnt want me to study,i literally ahd to choose betw studying n him.n i chose him ofcourse n left studying coz i tawt love was more important.im not allowed to go to ne fammilies houses,shopping ntn.i cant talk to my family n if i do he says im gossiping n i have to tell him every single thng dat we spoke about (wat i said n wat they said,i mean evrythng)....i cant watch tv,cant have friends,cant wear ne make up at all,have to dress the way he wants me to,i i cant bath 4 mre than 5 min coz then he will call me in the bathrm n threathen me n say im taking too long n he will say 4 that hes goinng out with a grl 2nyt.he swears me every flithy word u can thnk of(b####,p###,k###,B##ST@@D,*****,****) if i dnt answer the phne on the first ring he will get angry n swear mme.he has cheated on me over 7 times n lately if i do sumthng wrng lyk look at the tv wereva we are(he wud phone a grl the one he cheated on me with and he will tel her im cumin to see you nw in front of me) i cant work,answer my house phone,wen he **** to pick me up he literally gves me nly 3 min to get ready wen hes already close to my house he will cal me n tel me to get ready or if im nt out he will rerve his car.wen he gets angry with me he will throw my bag on thhe floor n make me pick up evrythng,he breaks my thhngs lyk cell phones,throws mmy stuff away.nethng that i lyk he will destroy.he hates my parents n lately he started telling me to go f### my father n suck his C###.that was wen i let him go.i also can not look at other men put my head dwn,cannot talk to his friends.wen he goes out clubbing n stuff i must stay at home.i cannot question him,commplain or justify nethng he does or says...he will make sure he gets back at me....nethng dat i want or need i dnt get n he neva makes mme feel special.he will lust about woman ryt in front of me bt i cant say nethng.evry1 elae thnks hes a god bt nly to me hes so horribly mean.does he love me?

rionasewpersad rionasewpersad
22-25, F
Feb 25, 2010