I Did...

So what if after waking up the only thing I can think of is ending my f****** life.
I get out of bed just to live restlessly another friggin day, still hoping maybe something will change.
Will it or not? Cause I am sick of waiting. And it's not like I can do something about my thought in the state I am right now.
When there is nobody to talk to in real life or online. There is no one who can help me..nobody cares.
It would be better to not get out from bed. Maybe they would finally see that something is wrong with me.
Or they would step on me and bring me down even more..
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
31-35, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

My dear, many hugs for you. <br />
I know depression and the reaction of the general public (and SOME stupid doctors) towards it!<br />
There is nothing wrong with your personality etc.. There is a chemical imbalance and it must the proper medication. Just remember it takes days and sometimes weeks for the meds to kick in.<br />
If you have questions or want someone to talk too, I'm here. Lol

I wish i was here for you,I'm sorry that im not.You know that i care about you.<br />