Fate Will Provail

You “MTF” imbecilic self-centred *****!!!
I wish you the best of luck, cause you gonna need it.
Need it when the wheel turns, then you will be double f@cked!!!
Walking around with a dumbfounded look,
seeking to screw everyone for your own daft desires.
Making as if you are innocent, well-mannered and diligent!!!
Well, f@ck that and f@ck you!!!
I will observe your every move, your every step...
Waiting patiently, waiting silently and watching from a distance...
Your time will come @sshole, it is near... Gliding above, sliding behind,
gyrating in front and clawing beneath!!!
Thirsty for your defeat, hungry for vengeance.
When you least expect it, it will trip your self-righteous style,
Cut your fake wings and dump you into total f@king unconscious darkness!!!
You will be surprised, turning your head from side to side bogus disbelieve written all over your ugly being.
Wondering why you... Crying your false tears and seeking comfort from those that you stabbed violated and misused!!!
F@UK YOU, take the pain like a man, tremble like you should!!!
Learn from your Bloody mistakes!!!!
Nothing can be undone that was done in self obsessed “I am the one”!!!
Nothing can be sidestepped, when the process was started!!!
Nothing can be overseen when it’s due to actions!!!
FATE will take what is required, fate stands still for no one –
Fate exists in unison, by its own rules and regulations...

Tande Tande
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 24, 2013

Damn hate to be whoever this is meant for :S I can feel the wrath and fury like coming storm. Powerful.