Not "owned" but insulted by the pathetic Koolranch

NO, I didn't get "owned" by him, I got insulted and brought down by him. He is a heartless bastard that has nothing better to do but sit around and try to pick fights with others.

He gets off to this type of ****. My theory is that he was rejected as a child, has low-self esteem problems, unemployed, pure scum, and a ***** and a half. He was probably bullied as a child in school, and can't get over it. So now he takes it out on innocent people.

He is simply unhappy with his life so he must make others unhappy too. I find him arrogant, ignorant, and just an *******.

He will always find something to insult you with, no matter what you say he will find a little something to comment on and insult you with. 

I have been called all the names in the book by him, I don't appreciate it, and quite frankly I don't think anyone would. 

The best thing to do is ignore him, he will go away and find someone else to harass soon enough..
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3 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Koolranch is my hero. We've been having a bromance since he got here! : ) I'll have a special talk with him about his abrasive nature.

what even funnier is he has this group plus had a story of all the people who has blocked him so he can "own" them but tonight he blocked me so much for "owning people"

oh koolranch i love u too:)

Theres a group call I Got owned by koolranch lololololololololol


he made it himself...