Teen Boy Bare Bottom Spanking With The Paddle

Boys at my school back then would get swat with a paddle by the old principal. He would bend you over the backside of the couch, make you spread your legs, and paddle your bare bottom up to 10 times. You were lucky if all you had were bruises. Lucky if you could sit up straight after two days.

Here is what it took...back talk with a teacher or administrator, even the janitor could send you up for a paddling. Forget gum ever existed. Homework late? School bus problems, smoking on campus, littering, and a host of other misdeeds. Fighting not only got you 10 whacks, again on your bare butt, schedule two Saturday All Day detentions.

Here is what happened when you got sent up...a detention slip sent to your homeroom teacher. It listed the offence, date and punishment. If corporal punishment was check-boxed you went to the principals office and HAD TO MAKE an appointment. Yep! If you got caught smoking on Monday it could be Friday that you got spanked. No girls or any women in my junior and senior high school as it was run by Catholic Brothers and boy-oh-boy they knew where to sting ya. In the principals office you took off uniform pants and underwear and had only your shirt, shoes and socks on when the old fart closed the door and locked it. No escape as he positioned you over the couch. The smaller boys would lay over the armrest with a pillow under their crotch so arse cheeks would be sky high and legs were spread. Worse crap if you had a ***** and some guys got them. That would be quite a delightful sight for the old principal. The paddle was well worn sixteen inches long, about four inches wide and thick about an inch, and it had holes in it to make it extremely severe on your butt. Minimum swats was three. Yeah, maybe if you had only picked your nose. Try average six or seven paddle slaps spaced 20 seconds apart, again on your naked fanny. After he was done you could hardly stand up straight. Do not cry as that could and did lead to another bending over paddling. Then a slow, slow lecture why you should not chew breath mints after lunch period. Oh, yeah, it was the will of Jesus Christ almighty and virtue to country. The only good part was after the paddling you could go to any open study-hall for two-periods. Still, it was very difficult to sit up straight.

Spanking is fine if swats are with a small, thin belt, or a ruler, or by hand. Teachers should have some authority but very limited. Yeah, I sure stopped whatever activity that got me paddled. In some ways it worked okay, but when it is more than a teaching moment, it borders on child abuse.
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I agree with your assessment about paddling; the risk of injury is too great. But, make no mistake; I am pro-spanking.

sorry to read about your paddlings . they were way overboard as were mine . i went to public schools. did you pop a ***** when naked . i told a school principal the paddlings were way to much and to hard he told me they treat all boys the same so dont complain you know it was the sixties. my butt still feels them to. i had freinds who went to catholic schools they told me stories like yours . i guess it was not all bad most of us turned out fine. i really think they need some of school spanking back today . no one brought guns to school they did not hit teachers . not like it is today i would not want to grow up now my son did not have the school we did

How many years were you paddled in that school and how many times a year did you earn a paddling? What's the most number of boys that got paddled at one time with you Nd could you watch the others get it while you waited your turn? Anyone ever get a hardon during or after a paddling? Was this in England and were most boys not circumcised?

sorry for late reply... USA not England. Got 'the paddle' twice during my tenure at that catholic nuthouse. Heard the slaps but never visual witness as we waited in the outside office. Boners?? Nope. Heard that one boy popped when his underpants dropped but I never experienced such thank the lord jesus!!!