I was in 7th grade. MY buddies and I decided to use part of our lunch time to fool around with a pack of cigarettes. We wanted to see who could take a deep puff and not cough, etc.
Long story short, we were caught and brought to the assistant principal's office; (the guy that really meted out CP, ie paddling on the butt.)

Everybody KNEW smoking on school grounds was a major infraction. Darn darn darn; my knees felt like jelly. I had never even been spanked. (My folks didn't believe in CP but did sign a permission slip permitting paddling because that was the common thing to do in this southern community.)

Anyway, after the usual anti-smoking lectures, the punishments were announced: 5 licks on the butt.
I became suddenly petrified. My knees went from jelly to
totally quaking. And unlike my 2 friends, I was not wearing heavyish jeans; just thin cotton slacks.

to be continued.
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Continued: Yes, I was right to be very scared. I was told to lean way over the assistant principal's desk; "never during the paddling get out of position, and hold on VERY tightly to the desk's edge."My cringing, tightened, bottom was nervously making very small, motions as the "punisher" tapped my butt. Then he said: This will hurt way more than you expect, so DON'T jump up or you will get 5 more smacks of the paddle. NOW, GRAB THE DESK; He then layed that rotten $#% paddle hard across the middle of my shivering, clenched ***.NOOO, I yelled, no! Please, NO, NO. The pain and shock were beyond anything I had ever felt. I felt like my butt had contacted a red hot branding thing. Tears poured forth.AND, I jumped up and held my ***, doing a desperate dance of agony. My sadistic "teacher" grabbed me by the arm and almost threw me back across the desk. "Now you are REALLY going to know what a hard paddling feels like. "You STAY down there, while I get a "witness" to help you stay across that desk. "Oh boy am I going blister you;" "You deserve every lick, every lick." "Now stay across that desk until I get back." "Too bad I can't spank your bare ***." To be continued.


Waiting for the next part please!

This horrible, sadistic "teacher": returned with one of my favorite female teachers. (I had a secret, hot crush on her.) and now she was going to see me snivelng, begging, crying while being spanked. I HAD to "man-up" for her; I had to take this "white-hot" paddling W/O crying, without begging for it to stop, etc. I JUST HAD to act like being paddled was no big deal. I wanted desperately to impress my crush teacher, who I thought was really so pretty and hot and genuinely nice.
I was quaking inside, but tried to hide it with a false bravado. (Like being spanked visciously was something I was almost immune to. )
Anyway, back over the desk I went, my poor butt not at all ready to be "whipped" raw.
The "sadist" barked: RAISE YOUR BUTT HIGHER". I tried. He said:"count each lick" "AND DON'T get out of position." (Oh how I hoped I wouldn't dissolve into pitiful tears and be so very embarrassed in front of my "crush"; that oh so cute teacher.)
I felt the paddle lightly rub my butt, as the sadist got ready to beat me.
THEN: CRAAACK; I felt as though my whole body, not just my bottom, was struck by a lightening bolt. Forgetting EVERYTHING: my surroundings, the sadist, the hot crush, etc I leaped up, grabbing my scorched bottom and jumped about, sobbing.
(WOW man-up??? lol nope; I was still a tortured, little high school kid, getting the spanking of his life. ) (I DID notice my teacher-crush had tears in her eyes; which was something that, at that moment, I treasured.)

Back down I went over the desk, and now, somehow, I managed to take the very worst spanking of my life, with just tears and loud moans. The pain was excruciating but I did take it, all 7 subsequent viscious licks.

The spanking was over! and my teacher-crush fled the room, with barely silent sobs.
And. I'm guessing now, that that is the reason why I did manage to endure a white-hot butt scorching: teacher-crush DID care about me. Or so to this day I tell myself. : "If a guy has a caring woman behind (bad pun) him he can do anything."

My "friends" couldn't wait to see my bare butt and compare it to theirs. Lucky them: my butt was almost totally black and blue and purple. Theirs' were just red and blotchy blue.

PS: a few days later, in the hall, walking past me, my teacher-crush whispered :"you are a brave kid". To this day, I don't think I've ever gotten a compliment I was more proud of.

Hey Please don't spank my bare bottom: I spelled "viciously" incorrectly.

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