I Should Do It More Often

So i was looking At CL for some extra $$ since i want more work done in my sexy new car I bought. I only looked in the gig section since I want 1 time things and i have a job.
I saw some asking for a couple, " need couple for video" it was very brief but the pay was 500$ so I was like... ok... obviously sex.
Only one problem, Im single... so I then logged onto facebook and flirted with a girl who I had not yet had sex with, and had known under 2 weeks, and  then said, "Hey lets have sex tonight on camera, we'll get paid"
I was a lil uneasy thinking she'd say something on the lines on "WTF you perv!" or "I would never do that on camera, you think i'm a ****?" etc
But she said ok.
She was yummy but the $ was better :) I only gave her 100$
She's already lucky enough to have sex with such a good looking guy :D.
Who wants to be my one day Girlfriend next time...?
RestlessM1nd RestlessM1nd
22-25, M
May 19, 2012