After Hours

I'd be surprised if a lot of women haven't done this before at some point. The point for me was when I was in college. Back then everything was tight and blonde and perfect, and I loved to show it off. I got a job in my sophomore year working at a Hooter's knock-off restaurant. I worked from 3 until closing whenever I could. Real trashy place... basically just show off as much skin as I could and get good tips. The tips were always a lot better from single guys, or groups of guys who I could flirt with shamelessly during dinner.

I will freely admit there were many times I let a customer cop a feel or take a peek under my top or into my shorts. The longer I worked there the less it bothered me. There were a few times that while I was sitting with a guy he might slip his fingers into my shorts and touch me directly...

One night I had a very light area and an older gentleman spent most of his night trying to talk and flirt with me. I had spent a good deal of time at his table working out a good tip for myself i thought. We talked about my school and such and i dropped how hard I had to work to make news meet, as I always did around guys like him. I hoped to get my tip much larger. He said to me well what if I had a way that you could make a lot more money, with a lot less work... All ears I told him... he looked me up and down and said the problem is you are wearing too much... I just laughed at him and said I couldn't wear much less and still be legal... Besides what would I wear to make more anyway?

Thats when he said del he wasn't talking about legal... that someone like me could make a lot more with the clothes off than with them on... I thought he was kidding at first, but then he started making offers... $250 he says... how long would it take to make that here he asked? few days I told him... Just come out with me he said and you could make that before the end of your shift... He took out the cash to make his point... come on he said old guy like me won't even take you an hour and you're probably doing it for free with guys right now anyway...

No one was around to hear and no one was really paying attention so I agreed to go and checked out with my boss. I met the guy in the parking lot and got into his car. He gave me the cash to pocket and drove a couple blocks down to a deserted building with a somewhat concealed parking lot. We got out of the car, he wasn't much for foreplay, just took my shirt off and made me pull my shorts off. He pushed me to my knees and had me suck his ****. I'll admit the prostitute thing was a fantasy of mine back then, but reality was a little more harsh... I kinda just wanted it to be over... i felt so slutty and dirty. I didn't even think I guess when he picked me up an put me onto the hood of his car, spreading my legs. I was pretty scared, he was talking as if he did this a lot, paying for sex... as he thrust into me all i could think about was catching something, or getting pregnant, or what happened if when he was done he wanted to come around and do it again.

Eventually he came in me, helped me down off the hood got me dressed and back the the restaurant. I felt so sick and degraded for the rest of my shift... just guilt I guess. I tried to block it out of my mind that night but it kept playing back in my mind, and by the next morning the guilt was gone and I was feeling ok with the world again.

About two weeks later there in my booth again was this guy. We small talked as two strangers who have been intimate will do I guess and i served him politely. As he got ready to go he said he had really enjoyed ******* me and would love to do it again... in my mind I was thinking it wasn't really THAT bad and I could use the money... Same deal? I asked... same deal he said, I'll wait for you outside he said as he walked off.

For two semesters I ****** him about once every two weeks and supplemented my income about 750-1000 bucks a month. then eventually he just stopped showing up.
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My husband has bragged to many of his friends that I give a great blow job. I love sucking and swallowing. We were at a bar one night playing pool when a friend arrived. We played pool and had a few drinks and his friend asked me if it was true that I swallowed. I assured him that I did and loved it. He told us his wife rarley sucked him let alone swallowed. After a few more drinks, and he kept coming back to me and my ********, hesyas he will give me $500 to give him a blow job. I love sucking **** so much I would have done it for free but I didnt tell him that. He and my hubby and I went out back. I let him watch as I gave my hubby a blow job and then I gave him one. It took less than 30 seconds and he exploded in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. He gave me the money and we went back to shooting pool.