Too Much Revelation

Ok this is my story. It happened when i was 13.
Ok so i was hanging with my friends and we were having bets with eachother for fun. So it was my turn to have a bet to complete and my friend said he bet me i couldnt take off all my clothes except my bra and thong and run around the house 5 times. The bet was over $20 so i was ready to do it. I took all my clothes except bra and thong and started running. i thought, "man this is to easy. i am so getting $20."I finished and came inside. i said, "hand over the $20." they just smiled as i put my clothes back on. i had only got on my pants when my boyfriend came over and pulled my pants down. i found it a liitle funny until everyone grabbed me and dragged me outside. they grabbed my thongs legholes in the back and hung them on the fence. not only was there a g string 5 in. in my @$$ but i was also getting @$$ splinters. the took me down after a couple hrs. and hung me by the front. I watched the front of my thong enter my p****. let me tell you, thong and splinters do NOT belong in your vajayjay. Also as embarressing as it is, this is the first time i squirted. that was Not fun!!!!. By the time my thong snapped i was sticking my hand right into my p****. it took 2 min. to get all of the thong out. it took even longr 2 get the splinters out. i hate these guys for that. i still have some thong in there. i can feel it. also i will never wear thongs around these guys anymore.
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nice story