Fishing Trip I Will Never Forget

This actually happened sat 19th 2 days ago. With the weather being great and the sun shining me my 3 male friends aged 19-26 and 4 girls aged 16-23 set out for the day fishing. Wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a smile we set out. We arrive and find the place is crowded with people finally we get a suitable space, we set up our roads and spark open a few beers,at approx midday i dozed off to sleep in the warmth of the sun. My friends decide to remove my shorts pack up the tent, rods, they even took my bike so i would be unable to make a dash when i woke. Tho they did leave me my trainers. And they headed home feeling satisfied. I was wakened by laughing giggling and camera flashes at 8 o'clock. I came around and cringed as i realised my predicament at least 3-5 miles from home no bike or clothes and a very public and built up housing area to pass through. That was a fun walk home trying to hide behind cars and trees, whilst attempting to cover my modesty. As i approached my street someone must have told my girlfriend about me beacause she came marching towards in a rage then i remembered i had promised to accompany her to a family party this night. She shouts in my face Am going to the party if you want the house key you will have to come and get it, and at that jumped in a taxi and laughed her head off whilst swinging the house key round her finger. The party which was a female cousins 18th on a saturday night.....OMFG i tried the front door..***** she was not kidding. I couldnt believe she was locking me out nude and making me go to a females 18th birthday party for the key-she always got jealous of other girls looking at me Now she was initiating it, demanding it, not caring one bit about how i felt.............. Surely she is joking she must have left the back door or window opened...............sadly she never. I was too afraid to go for the key instead i waited in my back garden. I had fallen asleep curled up under the trampoline when i heard all the comotion....FFS she had only gone and brought three taxis full of mostly females home to our house to party. She quickly entered and as i have not long moved in only have a few items of clothing there she hid them and i was forced nude right up until mon morn she says she now wants me to be the centre of attention all the time :@ :@
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Very lucky friend!