Embarrassed By Little Scheming Sister

Me(18) my mum my 2 sisters 13 and 15 where on a family outing-a historical fun day i was in a mood because my friend was not allowed to come with me, but my sisters both had 2 of there friends along. it was a hot summers day so i was only wearing shorts. My sisters where constantly picking on me to join in and stop being so moody. My mum goes off to buy ice creams and they where clowning around on medieval stocks(the wooden device your head and hands go in) i had lost sight of my mum in the busy crowd. they snapped a few pics of each other and asked me if i would like to be in 1 or 2 funny pics for facebook, so i agreed thinking funny pics with hot girls would certainly look good on my facebook. Without thinking i walk over and put my head and hands in the stocks and pull a face my 15 year old sister adjusting the camera while her 2 hot friends where posing by my side , then suddenly i heard a bang as my 13 year old sister locked the stock clamps paralysing my head and hands she walks round and comes face to face with me, i am demanding my release as i struggle and pull at my wrists but they wouldn't budge. My 13 year old sister starts saying for your moodiness today and attempting to ruin there day she was punishing me. By now i am standing in my shorts head and hands stuck in the middle of a very crowded park and panicking as my sister says i will make sure you never ever want to go in a mood again. My 15 year old sister with the cam starts to walk towards me grinning then my 13 year old sister dissappeared next i knew my shorts and underwear where round my ankles my sisters and friends laughing hysterically as i pulled my arms yanked my neck in a feeble attempt to free myself my sis with the cam starts circling me snapping numerous pics groups of other people where congregrating laughing and photo-ing me my 13 year old sister begins working my shorts and is not long before she has my shorts and underwear in her hand so now i am standing in nothing but my trainers totally nude and unable to even use my hands to cover myself my sisters and there friends laughing pointing and teasing was now causing a lot of attention. An audience of about 50-100 people watching waiting to see what was to be. My 13 year old sister then walked behind me and kicking each ankle apart spreading my legs widening the view of my exposed genitals then she shouts at the crowd gather round people dont miss the spanking show of a lifetime by now my anger has gone and i feel nothing but utter humiliation unable to speak standing legs spread apart hands and head trapped in stocks as my 13 year old sister spanks me over and over. The crowd were loving it about an hour and a half had gone by. As an 18 year old boy it was by far the most humiliated i have ever been, eventually i spots my mum returning through the crowd and finally felt my nightmare was nearing an end. As i came into my mothers view i could see it was taking a while for her to take in exactly what she was seeing , wen she was about a foot away from me she burst out laughing and says to me you have been caught out good today then takes her phone out begins videoing me. On noticing my sister with my clothes my mother says to her give me those i couldnt believe my eyes and ears when my mum stuffs them in her bag saying he wont be needing them hurry along girls get in the car its time to leave half an hour or so after my mum drove away some women took pity on me and released me. Still had to walk home naked though. And when i arrived home every female relation and friend they could gather was waiting for me OMG!!!
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Is there any way to see the pictures and video

Not only is this wrong but technically its illegal! Public nudity is a crime in many if not all states. And locking some one in a set of stocks and beating them(without permission) definitely qualifies as assault, whether they are family or not. Also, to top it all off, if you were to tell this story to Child Services, your mother could end up in prison and your sister in serious counseling. And while were at it you could probably sue the owners of the park for not having security take care of the problem when it happened.

I would ******* kill them!!!!

OMG, I would never be able to forgive them

In not one to hit girls but my mom would have a permanent slap print and my sister would be bruised for weeks and would never stop blushing when I got done with them

I am the Messenger. Remove this sinful **** from the eyes of mankind of suffer at the hands of the dark and powerful angel of death. Remove this story now or you will suffer greatly

did they post the pictures on facebook.

Be glad I'm not your sister or it would have ben way worse... I would have gave you chocolate laxatives (just saying they were chocolate) and lots of water then I would have done the same same thing your sister did then tell you I fed u laxatives ... And when we left I would make sure you couldn't leave by wrapping 2 rolls of duck tape on the stock and (if I could, { i have never seen a stock ... the lock part anyway}) locked it with a key lock then put the key in a full dumpster/trash on the way home

THOSE MOTHERFUCKINGBITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's horrid!!!

dude i would of hug tied all their ***** nude and leave them on the side walk and lock all doors and windows and invite all the kids in school to see them but **** nude

i would of pulled oyt a gun and said try it again il fill you with holes

As arousing as being spanked sounds, i wouldn't want it to be done in a public park by my sister. Dude, it sounds like your mom and sisters need help, you probably need years ofit after being so humiliated, it would have been different if they left you in undies, but buck naked thats just wrong!!!!!

that sounds like my family

**** thats a bit well o.o.. yeah.. either those people are jackasses and morons or this is fake but anywho..... owch hope you can back that up and kick theri *****

your sister is a *****

my sisters have done some naked embarressing things to me as well