My Friends Sisters

When I was 17, I was at my friend Mike's house. A few other guys and I were sleeping over so we all

could get an early start on a fishing trip the next morning. Mike's two sisters Mindy (16), and Karen (17) were

hanging around too. We were all goofing around in our pajamas wrestling and stuff when Jason mentions to the

girls that I did not have any underwear on. This got the girls attention, and the other guys began to tease me

saying they were all going to depants me. Seeing me visibly embarrassed by this made them tease me even more.

Then things went a bit too far. Mike and Steve grabbed me and held me by the arms daring the girls to pants

me. I thought they were just trying to make me squirm and the girls wouldn’t really do anything, but then Karen

ran over and unbuttoned one of the two buttons holding my bottoms up. My bottoms slid down a little and were

barely staying up now. I was afraid to move too much for fear they would totally slide down. There was just one

snap on my fly now keeping my bottoms up. They had me pinned down good refusing to let me go. Mike suggested

Mindy do the honors. I begged them to stop, but being egged on by everyone else, little Mindy came right over

without any hesitation and pulled the snap open causing my bottoms to slide down my legs to my feet. I was fully

on display with the girls squealing and laughing hysterically at me. Struggling to break lose with my willy wiggling

around in full view made me look even more stupid. The guys held me like that so I could not move for at least a

couple of minutes. I got kidded about it for the rest of the fishing trip. It was the most embarrassing time of

my life.
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7 Responses Jul 18, 2010

did the girls get u off?

get them back! Get them back!

i know how ya fell m8. this year at school my me and my friends were near some hot girls so just to show off they held me down and asked the girls to kiss and pants me. they were just about to do it when the teacher saw us and sent all the girls and my friends and me to detention for 3 days. the reason they sent me to detention was for so called " participating" in this event. WTF

i know how u feel

did the girls like what they saw? Did you get re-paid?

yeah i been there my friend

Aw, I'm sorry.