Pantsed At Beach

One time when i was at the beach with my mates we were having a good time swimming in the sea and i thought i felt a tug on my trunks but i didn't do anything i saw my friends with some trunks and said to me hey do you like these i realised they were mine and the tug i felt was them taking my shorts off i had no choice but to walk out of the water and everyone on the beach saw my little penis after i got my trunks back and we were all laughing about it. We saw some girls on the beach and my friend jacob dared me to try and pull one of them so i thought ok i walked over to them and started talking suddenly i felt a tug on my pants and i saw my purple thightey whighteys all the girls were laughing and my mates ran off and i had to walk home in these little pants
pantsed pantsed
13-15, M
1 Response Jul 23, 2010

i been embarressed in front of girls alot