Benn Pantsed,tied Up Naked Alot

so far in high school i got pantsed in the halls alot .im 16 and i bodily look 11ish so boys and girls love my tied up naked by boys in my class in the girls locker room.
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Glad this crap never happened to me my God...

Similar things happened to me. I get pantsed, wedgies, ********, forced naked in public by classmates like its about to go out of style. It first happened when I was a freshman, it was during PE I wore white briefs and when changing for PE the very first day i got pushed out of the locker room in just my underwear! it was humiliating but didnt stop there. <br />
<br />
the next day at pe when i was changing i got wedgies and while playing basketball for pe I got pantsed three times infront of girls in my now stretched from the wedgies tighty whities. i was totally humiliated.<br />
<br />
this kind of thing happened all freshman year. the next year i thought it would get better, but i was wrong! i was taller but still skinny small like and it got worse for me. one time after PE i was showering and got pushed out to the gym totally naked and wet as people were filing in for an assembly but the ******* jocks in my class were there and surrounded me. my hands were held out by my sides and i got groped by prolly 8 people grabbing my balls, butt and pulling on my ****. <br />
<br />
All that groping and with so many people around I got really hard. so there i was naked, wet with a ***** and almost my entire school entering for an assemble meeting! after they made sure i had a ***** they tied my hands together and threw the rope threw the basketball hoop and tied it off so my arms were tied high above my body.<br />
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the teachers are always the last to enter i guess so they can look important so by the time they entered the entire school saw me and were taking pictures and HD video. everyone i know has seen me naked and dripping a little precum! its so humiliating!!<br />
<br />
even today im a senor im still tall but pretty skinny and weakish i guess... ill get ganged up on by a group of dudes, theyll grab my arms pull my shirt over my head so i cant see then pull down my pants and briefs i try not to get a ***** but they'll start touching me and groping me i get a ***** then they all laugh harder im not small or anything they just like seeing me back incredibly embarassed i guess? i wish it would stop tho. i get made fun of for wering briefs still but thats been going on so long it doesnt bother me... that and its not physical humiliation!

Holy **** dude!!!!! I feel sooo bad for u!!!!! Those *** holes are ******* gay **** heads they should go to hell and burn with the ******* devil!!!! If was in a room with Hitler Osama and one of them with 2 bullets I would shoot the bully twice! They all deserve payback and I wish I could beat the living **** out of them right now!!! I'll keep you in my prayers

i often had similar things happen to me.i know how you must have felt.


i didnt perticularly like it happening to me

did you like it. would love to here some more detail. i had many similar things happen to me..

did you like it. would love to here some more detail. i had many similar things happen to me..

you poor thing.<br />
i know how you feel.<br />
i went through the same treatment.