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Pantsed In School.

when i was at school i was small for my age and a late bloomer.
i was often pantsed in class and in the corridor.
i was even pushed in the girls changing room stark naked.
lottifan lottifan 22-25, M 5 Responses Oct 16, 2010

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Something like that happened to me.

What happened?

WHen they pushed you in the locker room, could you atleast cover yourself?...or did they pull your hands away?

I had my hands pulled away

You poor guy! especially as a late bloomer...anybody do that to you now that you've grown up?

i been going threw that to

That's horrible!<br />
I believe I was bullied for being the new kid. Although, I think I had it easy for the most part. I cry a little and they just run away. I am thankful that I didn't really have bad memories. But they weren't the best....