Pantsed At Party

I was at a party in 9th grade when I got Pantsed. It was a pretty fun party for a while but eventually we got to truth or dare. There were a bunch of different people who got dared. And thankfully I wasn't one of them. I was just hoping that it wouldn't be too bad because this on girl got dared to let one of the boys give her a wedgie. Owww it hurt just looking at it. Eventually a girl dared me too be her slave for ten minutes. I thought it wasn't to bad maybe massage her or something. First she had me lie down on the floor on my back with my eyes closed. Then without me seeing she butt her butt right on my face and rubbed it around. I eventually gotup and then she told me to get her a soda so I went over to the cooler and bent over and then out of no where she ran up behind me and pulled down my pants and took them off and hid them. This was really embarrassing because I was wearing  a really old pair of panties that had princesses on them. I had to go the rest of the night with no shorts on and I got quite a few Wedgies just for wearing those panties
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Sounds like a fun least you did not lose all your clothes. I coulda crawled under a rug when the boys at a birthday party decided to pants me in front of the girls. well since I wore no undies that let them see my balls and **** hanging in full view, but they did not stop there..they next took my shirt off me and tied my hands to a high point on the stair rails. Btw the stair rails were in the open in the great room where the party was.

I don't remember what the other options were cause it was in 9th grade

what were the other clean underwear you had?

Did any boys wedgie you?

alright i guess i could accept that but if u think about all the things that could have gone wrong that didn't, it isn't all that bad

All the rest of my underwear was dirty and I only had a few clean pairs and I just chose those ones

why did you wear those panties to a party in the first place? but i give you sympathy...

Yea they hurt pretty bad and wicked embarrassing cause everyone could see my bare butt

At least you were WEARING undies! If not, you may have made some friends that night ;)

Sound funny yet kinda bad! Its funny that you got pantsed but to get a wedgie isnt funny!