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In The Lunch Line

this happend to me freshman year in highschool , i was standing in the lunch line talking to one of my friends not really paying attention. today i had decided to wear sweat pants bad idea i was about to find out haha. so anyway i was talking when one of my guy friends creeped up behind and grabed my sweat pants and yanked them down to my ankles showing my bright green panties i quickly pulled upmy pants and hit the guy haha
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I got pantsed in school too it was horrible and I still get made fun of cz of it. :(

Sounds like a fun school :)

That sort of thing is bound to happen when you're a thin pretty girl! Have you ever been wedgied or duct taped up?

I bet you got some new fans

lol !

sounds embarrasing but bet that guy would not try doing that again lol

Lol. That has happened to many! It funnier when its not u lol.

Glad you punched him. I am sure I would of liked to have seen that but it is really not cool to da that to people when stragers are around.<br />
At my school We could get a detention or worse for that.

nice job.

Well, he deserved to be punched ;)

you could have been in a thong g-string or commando:)

Thank God (?) you had on panties. LOL