While Going Commando In High School

There was one day in the spring in high school where I was going commando because it was so hot outside. One of my friends thought that it would be funny to pants me after school, not realizing that I had no underwear on. It was certainly a little embarrassing, but thankfully I was only around friends.
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how often do you freeball now mmylo???

I am guessing one you love the freedom in the sweats<br />
<br />
but also I bet the friend never did and will never do it again....<br />
<br />
they were probably more embarrassed than you were....<br />
<br />
and always will have the assumption that you are freeballing again.....

Nice story. Was your friend embarrassed too, or just surprised?

It would of been better if there others there to enjoy the view. Plus it be your friends falt not yours.