The Girl In Green

I was walking to school one day and I saw this girl I had a crush on. I didn't know her name, though. She was talking to another girl. Suddenly, the girl ran away. She returned with a camera. The girl in green (aka my crush's friend) was taking a picture of my crush standing in front of a tree. I really wanted to know the name of my crush so I approached her. I gathered my courage. So I walked to her. She turned around and crouched. She then pantsed me. The girl in green was trying to take a picture of me. I twisted away so she couldn't take a picture. My crush told her not to. My crush wedgied me. It was very weird. Nobody else knew about this. The girl in green eventually became my friend, though. My crush moved to Dallas, Texas.
pirocks2 pirocks2
May 10, 2012