Bare-ing It All…in Front Of The Whole Class

Okay, I’ll tell about this even though it was totally humiliating! I was the smallest sixth grader in my class last year, and I liked to wear really baggy jeans anyway, but my mom always told me that if my pants were gonna sag down at all so even a little bit of the top of my boxers might show, I had to wear a belt to school. So one day I was at the chalk board in front of the class filling in the numbers to a math problem the teacher put up there, and I was stretching up to reach because remember I’m a little short, and I heard a pop sound from my belt. The belt was a really old one, even my dad had used to wear it when he was a kid, so what happened was the buckle part just broke apart and the belt stopped working, and I was wearing really baggy pants that day because I had a belt to keep them up, and my jeans felt down to my ankles, leaving me in my boxer shorts! But the most embarrassing part of all was because the belt was so old and SO heavy that when my pants dropped the belt got caught onto my boxer shorts, and before I could even do a thing the darn belt actually dragged my boxers down almost to my KNEES!!! Oh my gosh…The whole class gasped like one person in shock, even though I always wear kind of long shirts and I hope they probably couldn’t actually see my bare private parts, and I just tried to pull up my underwear lightning fast but I only bumped my boxers and they fell all the way down to my ankles and when I grabbed for them down there at first all I pulled up was the belt! Then I pulled up my pants and my boxer shorts but my face felt as hot as an oven, I was completely mortified! The teacher let me go to the office to find a new belt, but I had to remember to hold my pants up the whole way down or they’d just fall around my ankles again. All the kids in class were laughing and whispering to each other and looking at me with big grins, and later on a girl named Heather told me she was bored in class so she had out her cell phone and got the whole thing recorded on video (I didn’t believe her at first, but too bad for me she was telling the truth!), so she could watch me getting ******** of my underwear by my own belt again and again, and she said all the other kids were asking her to watch it, too. I was really totally mortified, and lots of the girls told me later that they would never forget the day that Joey was pantsed and his underwear yanked down in class by his own belt, and some of them said it was their favorite thing they ever saw happen in real life! The most embarrassing day ever.
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1 Response May 11, 2012

Yow! So did the girls watching see anything while the boxers were at your ankles? It'd of been awfully hard to keep everything covered the whole time in a situation like that. Specially when you leaned down to pull them back up.