So I was 16 years old and was hanging out with some friends (we are not gay, but close friends). I was wearing a white-collared shirt and black adidas basic dazzle shorts. There were about 6 boys and 3 girls. We were all talking and just hanging out. After the girls left, that is when everything started. So one of my other friends was wearing a T-shirt and some white plaid board shorts. It was getting hot so he took off his shirt. He then sagged his shorts a little, showing off his blue and white classical American Eagle boxers. 2 of my friends started whispering to each other and looked kind of suspicious. They then pointed to a object far away and made us all turn around. The 2 guys then tackled down the guy sagging with american eagle boxers. One guy pinned him down while the other started to take his shorts off. The guy tried to stop them from pantsing him, but then another guy gave him a purple nurple to make him stop squirming. One of the guys then took the guy who was pinned down's belt off and then started to pull down the board shorts slowly. This gave the guy a ***** that we could all see in his american eagle boxers. They buried the shorts under a pile of sand and made the poor guy walk around shirtless, and in his blue and white American eagle boxers, walk around for about 15 minutes. Those 2 boys then started to whisper with the other guys in the group and all of a sudden I was their next target. They tackled me down and pinned down my arms and legs. They slowly unbuttoned my white shirt and gave me a couple of purple nurples. They then partly took off my white,green, and orange boxers while having my shorts on. I got up for a second to pull my boxers back up, which was a bad idea since they then gave me a wedgie. They then pantsed me and took off my adidas basic dazzle shorts and buried them under sand. They gave me another purple nurple and were able to completely get my shirt off. They then tried to get my PLAID BOXERS off too, but i stopped them. They then found tape and taped me to a pole. So I was taped while simply only wearing my plaid boxers. I stayed up there for 30 minutes and then they took me down. One of the guys recorded it all and took pictures. It was all just a joke and we forgot about it.
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Hahaha nice