Pantsed At Track

So, at track, me and my friend decided to ditch and hang out in the locker room. We were just talking and chilling, when I decided to have a little fun with him. I said "let's play a game", where we jump from bench to bench in the locker room. He never did it, and when he went to his bag to play a song, I jumped down and yanked his shorts off. It was funny. Then, I said "hey come with me to get a drink" and on te way back in the locker room, I pantsed him again. Then, we declared a pantsing war. Since I had plad shorts, it was impossible to pants me. So I got him a lot of times. After 20+ times being pantsed, he just left his pants down so I couldn't pants him anymore. At the end, it was a fun afternoon.
Benboard34 Benboard34
1 Response May 14, 2012

Um... how are plaid shorts impossible to pants???