So I have some PE type shorts that have a really strong drawstring. One day I was wearing those mesh shorts and a button down shirt and hanging out with some of my friends. We started fooling around and one guy started to sag his shorts really low, showing off his black and white American Eagle boxers ( the classic ones with the birds ). We then tackled him down when he wasn't looking and pantsed him. We first took off his plaid shorts and dragged him around a little. We then took off his shirt and gave him a purple nurple. We ran away with both his shorts and his shirt and then threw them up high in a tree. We ran in his American eagle boxers to the tree and had to climb up to get back his shorts. He was hanging from a branch and about to get his shorts and shirt when one of my friends jumped really high and pulled his boxers completely down. He ran away with his boxers while my friend quickly jumped down and put his shorts back on. The guys then gave me his boxers and I gave his back his American eagle boxers, but he thought I was the one who took them off, so he got really mad. When I wasn't looking he tackled me down. He grabbed the drawstring from the front and put it over my neck. This revealed part of my plaid white and blue boxers. He then tugged on the boxers and got them down to my knees (the shorts stopped them from coming off). He then took the drawstring off and pulled my shorts down. This pantsing revealed .... for a while until I pulled both my boxers and shorts back up. I thought that was it, but I was wrong. He then pantsed me again, trying to get my shorts completely off, but he couldn't. So with the help of another guy, they dragged me across the park by my drawstring, revealing my plaid blue and white boxers to everyone. Then they grabbed the drawstring and attached it to a hook high on a pole. I was dangling from the pole with my head 1 foot off the ground and my shorts completely at my ankles. They then started to unbutton my shirt and gave me purple nurples to stop me from resisting. They then tried to pants my boxers, but I stopped them. They then decided to give me a wedgie since they couldn't take my boxers off. They then completely took my shorts off, making me fall and ran away. So I had to go home just in my boxers, although I got many complements about how cool my blue and white plaid boxers were.
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It sounds like if those guys really wanted make your pantsing complete those blue and white boxers would have been history too

Ya as long as they're plaid boxers, its cool