Brief Boy

I was walking to my 3rd hour class wearing my track pants and my baby blue briefs were showing a little, since my track pants were a little big. I bent down at my locker and some kid just pulled down my pants and pushed me over. So i was laying on the ground with my pants at my ankles and my baby blue briefs in full sight of everyone. The next day when we had an assembly all of the track kids got on stage and there name was listed off. When it got to mine another kid pantsed me leaving me in this time more embarrassing. Purple Briefs. Now every time in the hallway or outside or at lunch or at a track meet, im pantsed revealing Some color of briefs that i have. every time someones pantses me they yell out BRIEF BOY.
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

You have some strong feelings to wear panties to school - and and even more when you got pantsed. Wish I was there - I haad panties on but no one saw

Man I would have loved to have had that done to me when I was your age! :-)