Pantsed At School

This happened to me in 6th grade and to this day is the most embarrassing moment in the history of my life.

We were all by the lockers that were in the back of the gym behind our series of cubicles that were made into classrooms. My one friend decided that it would be hilarious to start pantsing people. this guy would sneak up and get you when you least expected it and many people turned red. However, one particular pantsing stuck in my head rather well. When he pantsed my friend Noah, he revealed his tighty whities to the whole 6th grade. Noah turned so red that I was afraid he was going to burst a blood vessel in his brain. What was worse is that I even turned red for my friend because I myself wore white briefs as well. My friend who pantsed him couldn't get over the fact that Noah wore tighty whities. He kept on going on and on until some of the girls told him to stop because they were going to pee on themselves.

He then came over to me and whispered into my ear, "Your're next" I was terrified but laughed it off because I was wearing a sort of baggy t-shirt and cargo pants with a belt. Now when I say baggy, I mean that the sleeves of the t-shirt came kind of below my elbow, but it wasn't long as if I was a hood rat. It was normal length.

Anyway, as the day went on, I forgot about the whole thing and at the end of the day decided to go to the bathroom. Coincidentally (or not) I run into my friend and a group of 7th graders that liked to pick on me a lot. My friend struck up a friendly conversation while the older kids surrounded me in a circle and had mischievous looks on their faces. He then said, "I told you I was gonna get you."

They grabbed my arms and legs and lifted me off the ground while I tried to struggle. I don't know why I struggled because there was no way that a skinny, pre-pubescent young boy was gonna break free from four huge 7th graders and my friend Tom. At first they did not realize that I was wearing a belt as the cargo pants fit pretty loosely. It took about ten to fifteen seconds of yanking for them to lift my shirt up enough to see the belt that I was wearing. Tom undid the belt and unbuttoned and unzipped the pants. At this point I wasn't just squirming like crazy, but I was begging for him to please stop. Obviously when he very quickly yanked my pants to my ankles I realized that I wasn't being listened to as much as laughed at. They bust out laughing at my briefs and then made sure that the hallways were clear of any administrators or teachers and then carried me all the way to the 6th grade locker area. Of course all of the girls would be there at that very moment in time. INCLUDING MY CRUSH and they announced to them that the main mission of the day had been accomplished. They then showed them to me and all of the girls started laughing harder than I had ever seen them laugh in my life. I can't remember a time when I felt so small. That was the most embarrassing day of my life, but luckily I live in a different state where none of them live at and am now a very successful high school grad.
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U should read my stories they are really embarrassing even more than urs