Saw Someone Pantsed

At the pool I saw a girl 8 or 9 in a bikini that was much too large for her. It reminded me of when I was small, and my mom would buy me oversized stuff so I could 'grow into' it. I always seemed to wear ill-fitting, oversized jeans, shorts and underpants, especially. That went for the swimsuits she bought me, too. I was always embarrassed, but had to tolerate it, after all. lol

The little girl was playing with some boys snorkeling with face masks. They were goofing around in the water, looking at her underneath it as they swam around her with their skin diving gear like barracudas. She enjoyed it. Every time she got out to jump back in the water, though, her suit slid halfway down over her butt. She would quickly pull it up, continue playing afterwards. So while she's trying to get out of the water at the edge of the pool, her bottoms dragging halfway down, most of her crack was showing already pretty well. She ignored it, managing to play around despite it. She wasn't embarrassed at all, as I would have been at her age.

Suddenly, as she got out of the pool, barely onto the edge, one of her friends jumped and grabbed her bottoms just as she was grabbing them to pull them back up. I can only guess it was her brother. He gave them a really big tug. She shrieked, but her bottoms came down around her ankles, now. For a moment before she pulled them up she was fully exposed. She seemed to enjoy her attention, as she whirled around, feigning shock, and meekly tried to kick her brother's facemask off. Meanwhile, their friends laughed by them at the edge of the pool.
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so cute

Growing up we really got into pantsing each other. In fact it happened so often that I think every girl on the street saw our stuff. Finally a father sat us down and told us to stop.

When I was in elementary school I used to get tackled on the playground by a bunch of girls and ******** naked in front of the whole school. It was so humiliating. What I wouldn't give for that to happen now.

Your story here reminds me of one that I have written about several times on here about my neighbor girl who came over to swim with us one evening. What was particularly humorous about this is that the bikini that she was wearing was a homemade bikini. Her mother had made it for her. Only difference between your story and mine was that my neighbor girl's bikini bottom slipped COMPLETELY off of her butt every time that she got up out of the water. And also unlike the girl in your story, she was never in too big of a hurry to pull them back up. She just took it as an opportunity to expose her bare butt for me!

My mother made some of my clothes, too. How embarrassing!

It never occurred to me until I read your story that maybe this girl's mom intentionally made her bikini bottoms too big for her as well. Big oops! Only difference is that neighbor girl wasn't exposing "most" of her butt crack; she was exposing ALL of it! Her panties would fall to her knees! She just took it as an excuse to expose herself! And she seemed to really enjoy exposing herself, each and every time that she got out of the pool!

We were kids. I was 14, and just beginning to get interested in girls anyway, and she was about 10. She was obviously not developed yet, but that didn't really matter, as it was only her rear end which she repeatedly exposed that evening. She may have just begun to be interested in boys, so she may have gotten turned on by the fact that she was constantly exposing herself in front of me! I know that she definitely enjoyed it!

sounds like she needed a spanking, you should have gave her one. I would have lol

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Pantsing, we actually called it depantsing, was a big thing when I was in 6th and 7th grade. It was strictly done to embarrass, actually humiliate someone. Usually, after school the boys would pick out a target, wait until we were off school grounds, then gang up on him and ***** his pants and underwear off and throw them up in a tree. And there had to be girls there to watch or it wouldn't be any fun. The poor boy would yell and shout for help to no avail and the girls would giggle as the privates and bare behind were exposed and then as the poor kid really exposed himself climbing the tree (although some ran home if they were close enough). Sometimes the girls would do the same to another girl, but 90% of the depantsed kids were boys. I have a cute drawing in my profile showing what it was like.

I think here in the US we call it being pantsed! In England it's more proper the other way around.

I know I would have been so embarrassed

When I was younger, I would have pulled my bottoms up quickly, under similar circumstances. Now, I would probably dither and just let any boys I knew get a good look at my bottom. Funny how things change as you get older, and grow more sexual in outlook.....

Yeah, the neighbor girl that I mentioned above was not embarrassed at all. In fact, she thought that it was downright hilarious, and laughed about it, every time that it happened. And she definitely dithered, like you said. And she wasn't much older (at the time) than the girl in your story.

Yes that's so true.... Things that I didn't like at all growing up has become a turn on as an adult

and a prelude to fun!

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when I was 10 I got A male swim bottom like the Olympic swimmers wore,I loved it and would wear it everday to the pool. It got rensedout a couple times a week, but never washed.By Aug it was beaking down I got so lose if I stould the wrong it would fall to my knees well It was a perrty bizzy day at the pool and my buddy's dare to let "it" fall in front of the girls, so I got out walked to the shallow end where the girls were talking and stuck my arms over my head and down to my ankles they went. The girl laffed and were shocked. the guys were laffing like crazy at the deep end. i faked surprize turned around and bent at the waist and pulled them up rand to the deep end and jumped in. Well nothing happened but a hour or so later two of the girls mothers showed up they talked to the girls then came up to me and said so your the one who thinks he can swim so fast. "Yes fast as anybody" I bragged, well my little girl thinks she can beat you. so do you want to race I said "YES". It was to be one length of the pool dive in the deep end, tap the side at the shallow end. I knew I couldn't lose ,none of the guys could beat me. we got ready my bottoms were allready saggen in the back. Well 1 2 3 go and we dove in and I was ahead allready but after a couple more strokes I herd some one jump in behind me then I noticed my bottoms were gone. I came just in time the hear the girls cheering the little girl, I looked by the pool gate and the two moms were there waiting for me no sign of my bottoms. One of the moms said "lose something you little show off" " a little more than the race" said the other mon. they made me get out an say i was sorry to the girls and go home and tell my mom I needed a new swim suit.I didn't bring a towell and never saw my old suit again not even flip flops to try to cover with. so it was a long walk home.

I nearly always lose mine doing quick flips... that's why most swimmers wear one piece suits in the lap pools.... I does make me wonder though, what if I did lose it?

I really got a kick out of your story, rereading it. I guess those moms showed you... or you showed them, who was the boss at the pool... It's really a cute story.... I think little boys in Speedos are cute. Too bad you have to go to Australia or Europe to see them

ps needless to say, you were a very precocious little kid... those moms must have seen that... and decided to put you in your place. What did YOUR mom do? (when you walked in naked?)

My mom thought it was funny but she did get mad so she told me to put on some shorts and we went back to the pool so I could say I'm sorry to veryone there. When we got there no one was there and I didn't know where the 2 girls lived so we went back home and she said if you want to be naked so much take off your shorts and stand in the corner, we live in a small trailer at that time and the only corner to stand in was across from the front door and it was open just the screen door closed. I was there for 3 hours my sister and three of her friends came in and sat in the livind room which was small and they could all see me.I begged mom to let me get dressed she said "no you like to show off your naked body so much you'll stand there till dad get's home and if I hear one more word from you, you will turn around and stand there for the next half hour" and i said please and she turned me around and the girl giggled and pointed at my little pee pee. There were a lot of peaple the "came by" in that half hour including some of my buddys. After that when dad came home and balled me out (no spanking) I wouldn't leave the house for a week, when i did I got teased mom got me a tight swim suit that I had to fight to get on or off but it was white and so tight it showed all I had so when I swam I stayed ti the water.

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Yeah, we kids did that all the time, only I was the odd one, because I actually liked it when they did it to me. (Maybe others did too, but none of us would admit it!)

I think a lot of kids enjoy being the center of attention.... then some are shy, like the wallflowers at concerts and dances.

It was a bit of both for me. I never understood why eveyone made such a big deal about being seen naked. Being noticed was good, but the feel of swimming in the water naked was much better. In due course my parents bought a house with a pool, and I swam in it naked all the time.

mabye she did

Maybe she knew something no one else did!

probably, she was precocious for her age...

i bet this was a lot of fun to watch and bring back lots of memories

That they were all having fun and laughing about it made it wonderful to watch, from a distance...

I bet even thinking of it brings a smile to your face. I know it does mine

kids having fun....

sounds like someone was having fun

I think it was more than just one! LOL

I think our society is hyper-sensitized to sex, but I understand why. Arguably, I was sexually abused as a child. It was obvious and clear to everyone around. No one ever reported anything....

Very sweet and wonderful story...thanks for sharing.

We have a thirteen year old, and her friends and her are just starting to grow beyond 'cute.' I'm just joking, of course they are -- but their also growing up.

typical 8 yo's.....cute