Pantsed By My Little Sister!

My sister and me do not get on, most of the time we do get on though. I am 10 and she is 9, and we both had friends round, Joseph (my friend) thought that it would be fun to pants her, she got really upset, and her friends laughed their socks off. I asked Joe and his brother to leave, Lilly’s friends had also gone when I went to see my sister and apologize for what happened. She weren’t having it. The next day some more of her friends had come over and I was walking cross the landing, when her friends stepped out in front of me and asked me for my mobile number, so I start reeling it off and all of a sudden my pj pantand briefs are yanked to the floor and the three girls (8,8,9) and my sister were standing there looking at my down below

pansted pansted
18-21, M
1 Response Nov 27, 2012

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