Pantsed On Monkey Bars No Underwear

I was with my friend from school (girl) at the park. She invited 2 of her friends (also girls) to come with us. My friend knew that I didn't wear underwear. She figured it out a few years ago when something equally embarrassing happened. We were in between classes and she said, "will you hold my books for a second?" I did, and she pantsed me while I had no free hand to pull them up. She and at least 4 other girls discovered my secret that day. We were talking at the park and she was telling her 2 friends that I don't wear underwear. Then she whispered something to her 2 friends and both girls looked at me and smiled. Her friends bet me that I couldn't cross the monkey bars as fast as them. I took the bet. They told me to go first. While I was on the monkey bars, they were under me tickling my feet. Then, within a few seconds I felt a sudden rush of cold air as she pulled my pants off! Because I was dangling on the monkey bars, my pants came right off. I was shocked and confused. I was standing there basically naked in front of 3 girls. As each girl quickly got out a phone and took a few pics, I just ran as fast as I could to the bathroom. I got my pants back eventually, but it was a very embarrassing experience. I wouldn't care at all if she pantsed me and I had underwear on. I learned my lesson. I wear underwear everyday now.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

I have been pantsed at least a half dozen times or more in my lifetime ( mostly when I was younger) One of the most humiliating experiences was in my second year of high school. I had already suffered gossip from my first year when I was regarded as being the smallest hung guy in high school. A couple of girls decided to check out if the rumours were true and they along with three of their male friends ambushed me one evening on the sports field. The guys held me while the 2 girls yanked down my pants and underwear. They all had a good laugh and generally agreed that i must have the tiniest **** in school. One of the girls decided to humiliate me even further by grabbing my little penis and tiny balls in one hand and squeezed proclaiming that she could make me cry. I tried my best not to squeel with the pain she inflicted but tears came to my eyes. She had her victory so she released me.
My total humiliation was complete when I sprouted an erection before I was set free by the guys. This was a bonus for their entertainment purposes but well before the days of mobile phones so fortunately they couldnt take any pics. Of course my rep as the smallest dicked guy at the school suffered even more as the word got out that I have a wee little erect size as well.