Pantsed During A Sleepover

recently i had a sleepover with a couple of my friends, tyler, nathan, alan, thomas, nick, and kyler. before this, i'll explain what happened before i arrived at alan's house.

the day before the sleepover, i was supposed to do laundry, but i was too occupied with video games and stuff. i ended up having no clothes, except for white basketball shorts and a blue shirt. so i'm basically unprepared for the sleepover.

my friend arrived to pick me up the next day, so i went in with a backpack that contained a basketball, laptop, dental tools, and cards. we arrived at the house. before we played basketball, i quickly rushed into alan's room to get a few pairs of underwear. i managed to grab the underwear, but i heard someone coming in, so i hid under his bed. it was alan. he was about to play basketball, so he was getting changed. i peeked to see what underwear he was wearing. he was wearing tighty whities. at first, i was about to laugh, but then i realized that i grabbed his underwear. so i just hoped now that he doesn't see me. once he left, i reluctantly, but willingly put on the tighty whities. i placed the other pairs of underwear in my backpack and took out my basketball.

we played some 3 on 3. me, alan, and nathan vs tyler, thomas, and nick. i was able to see nick's underwear, so i decide to pants him while i was guarding him. success, he revealed his blue briefs. after that, he tripped and then tried to get me, but failed. my team later won 21-12, with me having scored 10 buckets. after we went back to alan's house, i was lent a towel and headed to the shower. i brought my backpack in just in case no one peered into my backpack. i then put on some lent pajamas and underwear, and headed to sleep.

later that night, i decided to prank thomas, nathan, nick, and alan by quietly pulling down their pajamas. i saw thomas wearing a speedo to sleep, which was really strange. nathan and wore tighty whities, but i didn't find nick. i realized that he was behind me and pulled my pajamas down, revealing my tighty whities. he then gave me an atomic wedgie, to which everyone else woke up. tyler decided to take pictures and later this appeared on the internet. they laughed while i was in pain. he got his revenge.

moral of the story: do your laundry and make sure you check what underwear the host of the sleepover is wearing before you grab something.
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