They Got A Show

So, this story happened when I was in grade 9, so I was 14 years old. I'm pretty shy and so would never shower in the locker rooms when the other boys would. I was pretty small for my age, and I mean my whole body and my little fella. So I always wait until the others are finished before I shower. One day, our school had an assembly taking place after my gym class, so when everyone was waiting for that to start, I took my shower. After my shower, I realized that someone was waiting for me, a bully, let's call him Nick. Nick was huge for a 9th grader, and I men he was built. I had just put on my boxers when he revealed himself. And as of previous times he's bullied me, I was immediately pretty terrified. He started talking about how he saw me in the shower, and was teasing about how small I was down there. And then he went on to mention how he was going to let everyone else see what I had. So he grabs me and, being skinny and powerless, I could do nothing about it. He dragged me through the school while I was still in my boxers and took me backstage of our auditorium stage. He placed me down and stood me up in the middle of the stage, and told me not to move or he would beat me up. Out of fear I couldn't move anyway, so I was standing looking straight ahead at the curtain. And this is where the worst of it begins. the curtain opens (that's what Nick went off to do) and suddenly I'm staring at the entire school! Everyone is looking at me and I hear many giggles throughout the audience. I'm even more paralyzed now from fear and embarrassment. Then Nick walks back over to me, stands behind me and says, "time to give them a show" and that's when he yanks down my boxers right to my ankles, leaving me completely exposed in front of my school! Nick then takes off and I'm there completely red. The worst part is that I got in trouble for it! The teachers came up on stage and grabbed me, putting my arms behind my back and they lead me through the audience to the exit at the back of the room! As I'm going through the audience, there are bursts of laughter and phones taking pictures of my exposed penis. I was SO embarrassed! It was the worst day of my life.
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AMAZING fake story.

When I was about 15 I was ambushed on the school playing field by 2 tough tomboy type girls and a couple of their male friends. the guys held me while one of the girls pulled down my pants and underwear. She said she had heard rumours that i had a tiny **** and wanted to see if it was true. The 2 girls had a great giggle at my expense when they saw that indeed my penis was very tiny indeed. The girl who had not actually done the pantsing decided she wanted to humiliate me further announcing that she wanted to see the little boy cry. She succeeded by grabbing my little ***** and tiny balls and squeezing until tears were rolling down my cheeks and I was begging her to stop. My utter humiliation was complete when upon her release I got an erection. They all had a great laugh when they saw that my tiny penis didnt exactly get very big at all. Fully erect it would have been a little over 3.5 inches and quite skinny. They finally let me free and i pulled up my pants and fled as quickly as i could. This was way before mobile phones came into existance so at least there were no pics to pass around but i was very much the centre of gossip and mockery for most of that school year.

Wow, that is very embarrassing. I remember once my boyfriend was pantsed in front of me as I felt so bad for him. There was a lot of people around but we were not on a stage or anything. We were at the park, and some dumb popular dudes from our school tried to mortify my boyfriend because he had told them off multiple times. I have never been pantsed but I can't even begin to imagine what it must feel like. I've never seen Justin's face so red when that happened. I felt so embarrassed for him. If that were me I would have cried. Stupid bullies :/

very nice you seem to have stood by him....