Pe Pansed

I was in pe and I started running laps and then I was running and this boy tripped me and all the hot boys were at the bench when they passed me I was right in front of the bench and this guy just passes by me and pansies me and In the morning I couldn't find nun of my underwear so I put on some of my sisters panties with princess and I went like that to school and I was so imbaressment they took pics of me then the worse part when I went down to lift up my pants the same kid gave me an atomic wedgie and hung me on the bleachers
Wedgielover77 Wedgielover77
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

wow, that's worse than my PE pantsing story..

that's why i feel for ya.

PE was the one place for people like you and me to be humiliated

I am so sorry hug?