I Got Revenge

So as the story goes one day while I was at school on the track, this one kid (we shall call him X because I can't remember his name)ran behind me and pantsed me which made me trip, anyways, I later noticed that since we shared a lot of classes that X he always sat next to me near a test and we always did the same, so I knew he copied my work, every test day I would wait until after X turned in the wrong answers I gave him and then quietly erase them and fill in the right ones. I did this for the next 2 semesters and eventually made him fail and have to repeat the 9th grade( although he did pants me and he cheated off of me in the first place).So in hind sight ruining someones report card weekend and making them have to repeat a year of school may have been a bit much.
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3 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I would've done the same thing

you rock

I am a biased teacher, but I feel that the best way for someone to relearn the value of doing work for themselves is to learn that they cannot rely on others. He may have failed from copying wrongs answers, but perhaps they got a fresh start the following year and turned over a new leaf.