Pantsed #1

I was walking down the halls of my high school with my girlfriend Evanna, we walked to third period class together and were having a nice conversation about the day of school so far.
"This has actually been a nice day." said Evanna. "My midterms so far have been all A's, we've been watching funny movies in both has your day been Steven?"
"It's been good." I said. "I've got an A in English and a B in biology, no wedgies or swirlies yet today...this actually has been pretty nice."
It was a Friday, just before noon, the fall weather outside was great, the sun was shinning, the sky was blue. Evanna and I were going to walk around the neighborhoods together after school, things were looking up!
"So did you see that video I sent you last night?" I asked Evanna. Little did I know, this jock Noah was walking right behind us.
"Yeah!" said Evanna. "That was funny, I like the part when-" suddenly two hands grabbed the side of my jeans and they were yanked downwards, revealing my tighty whities to all the bystanders.
"Whoa!" I yelped, completely startled.
"There they go!" laughed Noah, stepping away to go high five his friend David. Some of the students turned to me and started laughing, others just smiled and kept walking. Pantsing is the considered the most hilarious thing to do to someone at my school, it doesn't matter who.
"Oh?" said Evanna, looking down at my tighty whities and my pants down on my ankles. She held her hand to her face and blushed slightly, not that she was laughing at me, she was embarrassed for me.
"Well then." I said. "That just happened-say Evanna, could you hold my book for me?" I held out the book I was holding to her.
"Oh, sure." said Evanna, stepping slightly infront of me to block some peoples view of my briefs. I reached down and pulled up my pants, Noah and David had already left the scene of their pranking.
"Thanks." I said to Evanna, taking my book from her.
"No problem." boosted Evanna. "Come on, lets keep walking to class." She took my hand.
"Alright." I said. "Just gotta shake that one off like the others!"
"There you go." boosted Evanna. We continued down the hallway and made it to our third period class, public speaking.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

The fact that your girl best friend didn't make fun of you, and just kinda let it go, shes a keeper (if you still have her.)

That happens to my friend jake a lot :/ I feel so bad

I'm sorry to hear that people can be jerk sometimes

Thanks for your sympathy!

Your welcome I still feel bad though