i't was yesterday and i was on my way to math class and my bullies came up behind me and pulled my pants down exposing my hot pink panties then if that was not bad thay then pulled down my underwear and i was hot red...
ever since then every one has been calling me the pink panther
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my friend Jenna got pantsed when she was 10 the whole class saw her pink little mermaid underwear I beat up the boy who did that to her me and Jenna made a pact that we would look out for each other and we still do to this day

I saw that happen to a girl once.
Of course she had a very messy pad for everyone to see too.

As hard as it is to say it, the best response is to just laugh it off. They get bigger kicks when you get mad

poor you :( similar happened 2 me so i can relate

I used to get picked on alot. You simply cannot just ignore these bullies. you have to tell em off. it simply gets worse if you ignore em. if you are afraid of em ya have to tell somebody. a teacher, your parents, a principal. you will have to say exactly who they are. if they treat you like you are over reacting go to someone else until you are heard and understood. this is not acceptable behavior. these people are violating your self worth. and to be quite honest they have no right to do so.

That's horrible!!