My Mom Pulled My Skirt Up (Pictures Of It Included!!)

This is the story about the time my older sister, Anna, and her boyfriend were staying over, and i got embarrassed by my mother. Enjoy :D!

I wrote a story that includes some background of my house and family, you can check it out on my profile

Okay so it was just a few weeks ago that this happened, I was born a male and now im 17 years old but ever since i got forced to wear ONLY girls clothes since the age of 11, i've been taking estrogen and hormone blockers and i actually look and act like a girl now. My wardrobe consists of a lot of girly panties, some lace panties, a few thongs, dresses, heels, blouses, sundresses, and skirts, stockings, nighties, frilly socks, tights, leggings or extremely fitting jeans(tight). I dont have any loose clothes like pajama bottoms or sweatpants or loose jeans, my mom doesn't allow me to wear loose clothes.

Ever since i was forced to wear girl clothes, ive had to deal with the same things my little sister and older sister(when she lived with us) had to do each night.

Each night before i go to bed, i'd have to lay out the outfit i was going to wear the next day, my mom would come in and made sure it matched, then she would tell me "okay, go change for bed then i'll come paint your nails to match the outfit." So i would go and change into a nightie (which in my case, was a long Tee-shirt that barely covered my panties. If i didn't follow the rules, she would come in my room and yell at me and do something embarrassing infront of my sisters, i only forgot to lay out my outfit once till recently, i was 13 years old, she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the shower (with my white dress and dark green panties still on) and turned the water on, my sisters were watching...of course. And then my mom said, "Now maybe you'll remember to lay out your clothes, Stephanie."

As i got older, i started being out late, and the rule was that on school nights i had to be home by 9:00PM. NO LATER. My mom was very strict with me, but never strict with my younger or older sister..

Well it was November and it was a school night, my older sister, Anna(was 24 at the time) had her boyfriend over the apartment and they were staying with us for a week. My little sister (was 16 at the time) and she was in the kitchen. My older sister, Anna, was in the living room right next to the kitchen with her boyfriend watching TV. My mom was pacing around the kitchen, wondering where i was...It was 9:05 and everyone was waiting for me to get home to see what kind of embarrassing punishment i would get.

I came in the door, with my purse still on, and immediately my mom asked "Where have you been Stephanie? Its past curfew!" I said: "Mom its only 9:05" She said "...And whens your curfew?" So obviously i said "9 o'clock but its only 5 minutes past..." Then she said "Okay if 5minutes isnt a lot to you, take your clothes of and stand in the corner of the kitchen in your bra and panties with your face turned to the corner.

Knowing that my sisters were all home and Anna's boyfriend was here too, i said "No. Thats totally ridiculous, theres a boy in the house and IT WAS ONLY 5 MINUTES!" So she replied "You don't tell me no, missy." And she forced me to the ground.

While i was on the ground struggling to get up, she pushed my head down and held it there, and lifted up my skirt for everyone to see. They all started laughing at my granny panties and saying how much of a "Cute little girl" i was. Even Anna's boyfriend was watching me being wrestled to the ground, helplessly showing my panties to the whole family.

My little sister took a picture and put it on facebook and labeled it "My sister came home late so this is what happened" And this was the picture:

If you wanna leave feedback i will read it, i hope you guys understand how embarrassing this was for me.

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yes it sounds brutal...please tellus more of your experience into womanhood...brandie

Wow I've seen that picture on the Internet b4 crazy that this is the source

I wonder how is your body and how you feel about all that? Your experiences are so extreme they seem very surreal to me... But the photo seems to be real... So that girl is actually a boy and the panties are pretty childish for a 17 year old... This story of yours makes me feel so much things... Mostly bad things and anger but also sexual arousal because I am a freak!

Embassaring for you, hot for me.

Pretty panties.

So since you're a girl now, do you have anal sex and suck **** like a girl? ;-)

That is embarrassing, cute panties

wow 460 views, thats alot!

??? okay, so you still are born male, right ???

whoa, that's an interesting backstory ....

You mean the part about how i was caught in panties?

no the, how you were forced to live the life of a girl ..
and the story was pretty amusing to me ..
though you mentioned other stories and experiences, you ain't go any others ... you lied to mee !

I'll be writing them later, trust me i have alot of stories, my mom like to embarrass me :(

oh ok .. look forward to 'em then ..

Moms sure can embarrass the kids I was 14 and she took me and 2 friends my friends Joey and Jenna to the mall she pantsed me in front of them I was so embarrassed

moms sure like to embarrass their kids mine embarrassed me several times

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