This is another fake Pantsing story enjoy :)

So one day I was at my little cousins house to look after both of them. Blake was 10 and Trent was 8. When their mum had left for a few hours.

The boys started playing a shooting game on their brand new Wii. We had a competition and the person who got the lowest score had to be tied up for an hour.

After about 15 mins of playing the game was over and I had lost by 100 points. So they tied me up on Blake's bed. My arms and feet were tied to the bedposts very tightly.

Before they tied me up they made me take my shoes and socks off since that was one of the rules in the house. I took of my shirt because it was boiling hot. After they tied me up, Blake said that he was gonna get payback for what I did to him on his birthday (that's a story for another time) I asked what do you mean but he interrupted me and said like this and pulled down my grey sweat pants and Trent laughed at me in my blue plaid boxer shorts. They couldn't stop laughing at the sight of me in my boxer shorts!!

About half an hour later Blake came in and blindfolded me and put a gag on me and said that this is for what I did to him in front of his girlfriend and with that he pulled down my blue plaid boxer shorts leaving me stark naked and cold on his bed. Luckily they untied me before his mom got back!
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lol how old were you?

Damn. I sure wish I was them. Those lucky brats.

Dang. Have they seen you naked before?


Ok, WHAT did you do to poor Blake on his birthday??? lol

you will find out very soon

Still waiting...

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