I got pantsed on the beach this past summer. I was on vacation with my friend Neal and his dad. Neal and I are a little immature and so sometimes we do stupid stuff like pants ing each other. I had just gotten out of the water. I like to just stand in the water and feel the waves. As I walked back, Neal did the classic "what's that over there?" thing, and I fell for it. I turned towards the water and Neal pulled my pants down. Keep in mind that this was the beach, so I was wearing swimming trunks. I don't wear underwear underneath my swimming trunks, so there were many people on the beach who saw my dong! It wasn't a huge deal though because only one or two people saw it. They were laughing really hard once they realized what had happened. All week, Neal and his dad kept calling me "*** hair" because of the hair on my ***.
seththedestroyer seththedestroyer
22-25, M
Aug 21, 2014