Always Blushing

My friends found out that I get a thrill from being embarrassed, so they started pantsing me every chance they get.  It can be fun but now I have to be careful of the kinds of underwear I go out in.  For example, about a month ago I was at my friends house warming party and after a few drinks some of the guys wanted to see if they could lift us girls up by the waist like ballet dancers, I agreed to let them try on me (big mistake) as soon as I felt the hands on my hips I knew what was comming.  He yanked my pants down to the floor exposing my red thong.  In the moment it made me kinda hot, but when the pictures surfaced I wished I had been wearing something less revealing.

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Hey girls I need your help I just found out my bf has been taking pics of me naked and posting them to his blog of his iPhone. I don't know his password to take the down but the other day he left it on the bed and it was unlocked I had a plan lol I have posted all of the naked pics I had of him to the blog as well and he does not no :-D let's see how he likes it lol. So I need help I need to get as many people as we can to see them and leave comments so he no that u have seen them lol u can post it on message boards of tweet it and help me tell everyone b4 he finds out and takes them down. Thanks for your help girls ;-). Now I just need to find away to get mine down.

wow lol what other underwear have u been exposed? lol anything as funny as this?

Fun story. Sounds like the red thong was perfect.

:P your all despicable but funny -:P

after drinking so much they must have needed dessert. yummmmmy

Thank you, Ido. it is nice btw.

Do tell...

Nice friends.<br />
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I just thought of something that would scare the doo-doo out of the guys, but probably make the women laugh, but maybe that is a road best left untraveled.

Lol I'm just lucky the thong stayed up this time.