Is It Really Possable to Be Played By a Woman?

Im sure Im not the only guy that has ever been played by a woman but Im one of the few that will admit it. Im shy for the most part and I am a busy person so I tried online dating. I met this wonderful girl or so I thought, we talked for a few weeks before meeting. Well we went out on our first date and at the end of the night she insisted on coming back to my place to watch a movie or two. Well one thing went to the next and she said she really cares about me and she wanted to "stay the night". After everything was said and done I took her home the next morning and she hasnt called or even replyed to an email ever since, and I  can see when she is online... I feel so used I really liked her. Its been over two weeks and we usually talk everyday until we went out. I thought things went well...I guess now I know how it feels to be "humped and dumped" ... It sucks wtf. I thought only men did this was I was taken advantage of by a woman?

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Yes, it is possible to be played by a woman. <br />
I'm sorry to hear this, you seem like such a sweet man. <br />
<br />
But look on the bright side - she didn't rip you off when she left. <br />
And who knows, maybe she's psycho - maybe you dodged a bullet there... <br />
<br />
Hang in there, you'll find someone. Don't be in too big of a hurry. <br />
<br />
{{HUGS}} <br />