The Best,hottest And Horniest

So, talk about some amazing sex, quite possibly the best sex I've ever even dreamed of having, he pounded the hell out of me and was so damn rough with the hardest, thickest, horniest **** I've ever felt.  When we started ******* I knew he was horny for this hot friend of his that he hasn't seen in years and had screwed around with on/off years ago but never ****** because his **** was always too big for her lil *****, but then he started really ******* me hard and his **** got the way it gets when he's really into another girl and thinking about her, which makes me so damn wet and horny it's crazy.  He was totally in control last nig ht, which doesn't happen often, but I loved it and I must of *** 3 or 4 times, one time just gushing all over him, and so finally i had to knwo for sure who he was thinking about and when he said her name,smiled and just about threw me across the bed by thrusting his **** so hard in me I came again like crazy.  I'd been thinking about the two of them ******* all day long, I don';t know if they've spoken yet or not but they reconnected on fb earlier that day and as he was showing me her pics there's one where she has this dead sexy **** me look and I came right then and there earlier in the day, sitting on the couch, not even touching myself so the thoughts and wishes in my head were incredibly dirty last night, I can only imagine how dirty his were.  When he coudln't take it anymore he came in me so intense, so much, so hard, so amazingly ******* great that I thought I might die right there.  I've never felt anything like it and never seen anyone *** as much as he did, for about 4 or 5 minutes straight and his **** was still horny and meaty hard afterwards. 
I'm dying to go tease him a little to get him worked up about her,  but I'm trying to patiently wait for him, however I'm still horny as hell about the two of them ******* and how hot her little body is that I'm gonna go crazy soon if he doesn't **** me, or tease me, or all of the above. 

Damn, I really really love him ******* other girls, oh and watching girls suck his ****, with her *** up in the air, so amazing.

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I know at least a dozen blokes who would be thinking "Now why isn't MY missus like her,Dammit?"<br />
If you'd like to add me,I have some really filthy stories along those lines......