By My Dad

yes it is true . . . *pause* my dad got me pregnant at 14 , anything else to the sotry . . . umm let me think ! oh yeah he had been ******* me since i was 3 , and he got me pregant agian at the age 15 and 16 . Any question ? ? ?
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11 Responses May 24, 2011

Hot. Love a story like that.

So ya dad was the father of your kid to. And so do you still **** him. And ao you will or have let him have sex with your daughter

Just one...Would you let him do your daughter?

yes and yes and yes i am okay nice & hard to bad im really picky about the dicks i take

bet your a good chunk of ***? how do you like it.....nice & hard or casual?

is that true' that he ****** you and got you pregnant? are you ok with that? let me know!


Do you think you think you'll want another child or children in the future...?

vry much

did you enjoy him

no n no